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The home grown brand started its very first delivery from Velachery in Aug 2018 and within a short span of time owing to a great response from its patrons caters throughout Chennai.

In a country like India, where summer is predominant, we are advised to take a lot of fluids.

Milk has been a fixture in our diets since ages. It being an important source of nutrition is a well-known fact. 

A single glass of milk gives a big jumpstart to our hectic day.

At Maram farm we strictly ensure that cows are given fodder that is free of pesticides, fertilizers or unnecessary growth hormones and the result is, well, happy and healthy cows.


Providing fresh & pure dairy products to our consumers every day and facilitating self-employment opportunities and income for farmers.


Be the first choice of healthy products for consumers.


Give our customers value for money. This will be through improvement in technologies used in our Dairy, thus enhancing the quality of our raw material, our internal processes, and the competency of our people.

How we do it

Step 1

Naturally fed and manually milked after the calves had their tummy full!

Step 2

Cooling method below 4°C keeps bacteria from multiplying rapidly.

Step 3

No hormone injections, preservatives, antibiotics and chemicals. Routine health checkup for cows. Milk testing in lab regularly.

Step 4

Packing in hygienic sealed glass bottles.

Step 5

Transporting in cooler truck throughout all franchise’s in Chennai before 4:30 AM.

Step 6

Delivered fresh to your doorstep in thermal coated bags to maintain the cold chain.

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